Silver Bank – Dominican Republic, March 2014

Calf SideMom Below 2Side LookingWhale BabyBreach uderside with PecCut Dorsal TailFront of CalfToo CloseFull SideMilan and Whale BackTail Slap UpUnderside BreachDivers with Big BackWhale Tail FrontSide LookingWhale Tail HighMom and CalfNoseMom and CalfGirthEyeMilan and Whale SideCropped Tail2 whales with Tail3 in a RowWhale and PlantDueling Humps2 Tail Slaps2 WhalesNose DownThe Turks & Caicos Aggressor IIArrow-crabArrow-crabAndy and CharBaby FishBreach and BoatBreach with BoatBreach with PecDuDu Cavern OpeningDuDu Cavern OpeningDuDu Cavern OpeningCurved BackRowdie FightFire-coralGroup and Boat with Whale DorsalGroup with Whale DorsalGroup with Whale on BackGroup with Whale TailGroup with Whale TailGroup with Whale TailHamletHumpbackIn DomeJumpLeavesLizardfishLooking UpLoriLukeMarkMom and Calf DorsalMom and Calf on BottomMoray 2.jpgMoray MorayMother and Calf DorsalsNoseOver UnderPec and TailPec UpPecDiver with Big TailRoot and Sun BeamsRoot and Sun BeamsRowdiesRowdiesSeaLettuceSecratary BlennyShrimpSideLuke and John LukeSideSide Looking with DiversSlanted TailSmall FishSpotted BlennyStalactitesStopSun BeamsSunsetTabaccofishTail Pec and BoatTail Slap and BoatTree and BarnaclesTree RootsTreeTrunkfishWhale on BackWhale PecWhale Way Out with Tail SlapWhales and ReefWreck SunriseWreckMale Dorsal ExplorerCut Dorsal TaiBoat BackBaby PecBreach Side with PecCut DorsalMum and CalfDiver with Big TailProfileTail Slap in MistWhale and ExplorerWhale Tail with SpoutWhale SideTail Dive