Jim has been diving for over 28 years and has over 1000 dives under his belt. Although always interested in photography, Jim stumbled into UW photography about 10 years ago and it has developed into a passion (addiction). Jim travels around the globe capturing images of the underwater world. Some of his favorite places include the California coast, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia,  Truk Lagoon, the Maldives, Yap, Palau, Puerto Galera in the Philippines, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Turks and Caico’s, Curacao, Bonair and Belize.

Jim’s current rig includes a Canon 7D in an Aquatica housing, dual Sea & Sea 110a strobes, a GoPro and dual Light in Motion Sola 4000 video lights with the appropriate ports to house his 60mm, 100mm and 10-17mm lens’s, and diopters.


Jim is a PADI certified IDC Staff Instructor and teaches Scuba Diving out of Diver Dans in Santa Clara. (800 24-scuba / www.diverdans.com). Jim is certified to teach a range of scuba classes from beginning open water or advanced open water to Rescue diver, dive master and assistant instructor certifications. Jim is also certified to teach a number of PADI specialty diving classes including:

Boat Diver
Night Diver
Underwater Photography
Deep Diver
Altitude Diver
Underwater Videography
Multi Level Diver
Nitrox Diver
Underwater Navigation
Drift Diver
Wreck Diver
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Search & Recovery
Equipment Specialist
Underwater Naturalist
Fish Identification
Project Aware
Aware Coral Reef
Self Reliant Diver
Oxygen First Aid
Diving Accident Management
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
AED for Divers