How to View and Order Prints

Select “UW Portraits” from the menu on the top of the home page

Select “Find My Photos”

Select the Charter you joined and want to view / purchase pictures from

Select any photo you are interested in viewing

Arrows on either side of photo will allow scanning thru photos in large format

Find a photo you’d like to purchase, Select the “cart” icon at the bottom of page

This will bring up the options and pricelist for your selection

Select the quantity for the type and size photo you would like to purchase

Select Update Cart

The last two steps can be repeated to add all photos wanting to be purchased

Once completed select the view cart button

Review quantities and photos selected

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only areas in the red box on each thumbnail image will be included in your mounted, metal and photographic prints.  Please ensure the content you desire is within the red outline see on the thumbnail image before adding to cart and ordering. 

Canvas Prints have 1.5” wrap around so the outer 1.5” within the red box will not be visible on the front surface of the canvas. 

To change the content of the print to be produced, select the “edit crop” next to the thumbnail and change the size and/or location of what will be visible on the print.  If the content you desire can not be placed within the red box, try selecting a different print size (for example 24”x30” vs 20”x30”)

Once all items have been verified to your liking, filling the customer information below the thumbnails and then select ”Place order” to send your order to the print factory.

Once submitted, orders can not be canceled or changed, so please double check all information before submitting.

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